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Frequently Asked Questions
Updated July 2018


Q. Where do I go on Monday, July 9?

A. Our home base will be in Griffin Hall. On the first morning, the sign-in desk will be in the second-floor lobby of Griffin.


Q. If I drive myself, where do I park?

A. You can park in any of the garages, but the Kenton Drive Garage is the closest to Griffin Hall. Parking Services will

charge $8 per day for parking so you may want to carpool if possible. Parents attending the closing program also will want

to park in the garage on Friday. The cost is $5 for two hours in the garage. Here is a link to information about parking:



Q. What if someone is dropping me off?

A. The closest place to drop you off will be in the circular dropoff next to Griffin Hall.


Q. Is there any other paperwork I need to fill out?

A. Yes. During this workshop, you’ll be photographed and interviewed for stories we’ll use in various publications. NKU students also will shoot video of the workshop and create a highlights video of the week. We need a parent or guardian to sign a release form saying we can publish your photo. We will e- mail you a PDF of this form. Please, have your parent or guardian sign the form and bring it with you to the workshop on the first day.


Q. Will we be traveling off campus during the week?

A. No. All of our activities will be on campus.


Q. What about lunch?

A. We will provide lunch throughout the week. On most days, you will receive vouchers that allow you to order off the menu at the Student Union restaurants. The choices include sandwiches, soups, salads and a cafeteria-style lunch. The vouchers are worth $8 per day. If you wish to purchase additional food, you will need your own money. If you have special food requirements, please bring your lunch.


Q. Do I need any spending money?

A. No – unless you want to buy something extra such as a soft drink. Griffin Hall does have vending machines. But we don’t plan any shopping expeditions.


Q. Do I need to bring any supplies or equipment?

A. You will need earbud headphones for video editing. But we’ll provide digital cameras and we’ll be working on NKU computers. If you have a digital camera that you’d like to bring, you are welcome to do that. We’ll do the first still photo shoot on Monday. If you do bring a camera, also bring the cable that allows you to download your photos onto a computer.


Q. What should I wear?

A. Wear something comfortable. If you get cold easily, you might want to bring a jacket. Sometimes the classrooms are chilly.


Q. What if my parents need to reach me in an emergency?

A. You can bring your cell phone to the workshop, although we would ask that you keep it on vibrate and that you refrain from using it during camp sessions. Also, in case of an emergency, your parents could contact Christa Witt, the Communication Department secretary, at 859-572- 5435. We will let her know where we are throughout the week.

Or you can leave a message for Michele Day at 859-572- 1921.


Q. What if I need to leave the workshop early one day because of other obligations such as a job?

A. For safety and security reasons, we ask that you avoid leaving campus during the workshop if at all possible.

If you absolutely must leave because of an important obligation, please bring a note from a parent and let an NKU faculty member know what’s going on.


Q. Where and when can my parents pick me up?

A. The workshop will end about 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and between 1:30 and 2 p.m. on Friday. Your parents can pick you up in the circular drive next to Griffin.


Q. What exactly will we do throughout the week?

A. A lot of things! We’re still updating the schedule, but you can look through last year’s schedule for some idea of what’s happening.

Check out the 2016 schedule by clicking here!


Q. What’s the closing program all about?

A. On Friday at noon, we’re inviting parents and others who are interested to our closing program in the Griffin Hall Digitorium.

During the program, we’ll show highlights of your work throughout the week and the short documentary that NKU students will produce about the week.


Q. What if I have more questions?

Please email Michele Day at daymi@nku.edu

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