A week with robots at NKU


At NKU’S Robotics Space Challenge on Wednesday, middle school kids engaged in preparing, designing, and building fully functional robots. Kids ages eight and up put a lot into building and creating these structures.

Teresa Riley’s, instructor for the camp, interest in robotics did not spark on her own.

“I went to a conference, and at the conference they demonstrated the Lego league equipment, and I thought that was pretty cool,” Riley said. “[I] also was involved with the first Lego league as far as being a judge so I got to see the other things that they do around Legos.”

The kids are given a specific task that their robot must perform. They face frustration and difficulties to finally get the software precise in order to get each task completed.

Along with the actual mentality that goes into these makings, the kids take away great life lessons and friendships that last a lifetime.

“Once they start something, a project or a new way of programming a new robot, they don’t stop until they succeed,” said Riley.

They use the skills they’ve learned throughout the camp through their daily lives.

“I think they can use them in everything, because one of the skills it encourages is logic, which plays a part in everything especially in learning, but in everything we do, tenacity, like I said before, if you are the type of person to stick to something until its done that’s a good thing to learn” Riley said.  “And then just learning some of the basics of how the robotics work.”

They begin to trust in their mentors, and their mentors never stop the encouragement.

Natalie Hempfling