Art helps children build confidence


Young Rembrandts, a company centralized in art, provides a safe and positive environment for young children, ages 6-12, to express their creativity and artistic desires on paper at Northern Kentucky University.

Michelle Easton, director of the camp, said that this camp touches the teachers as well as the students.

The program has been challenging the cognitive skills of the left brain for 20 years, positively influencing the children’s performance in school and socially as they mature as adults.

Camp Instructor Rita Grant, a high school art teacher for Boone County, explains how she hopes that the kids will continue art later in life and ecstatic to see how she can inspire the children to be confident as artists and never take no as an answer.

Grant teaches the campers about 2-D art and explains to them how they can create wonderful works of art by drawing the mural bit by bit. She also tries to relate the artwork to everyday things in life; creating interest for art within the children.

The children stayed focused and attentive as they applied their skills to their artwork.

The camp in general is a great addition to others at NKU and will reach new heights.

Just like Kara, a 10 year old girl attending the camp said, “It makes me proud.”

Shubrath Shetty