Camp works to find new Picasso


The Young Rembrandts summer camp on Northern Kentucky University’s campus provides the opportunity for children to launch into their art career.

Those who participated in the summer camp created artwork with the theme under the sea, which was led by the director Michelle Easton along with Boone County teacher Rita Grant.

“Young Rembrandts is an art enrichment program that teaches kids ages 3-13 the fundamentals of drawing,” said Easton.

This year the kids drew sea creatures such as crabs and various kinds of fish.

They practiced this by using simple figures, which they learned at the beginning of camp to make more complex images.

“I related figures to food or everyday objects to get their brain thinking,” said Grant.

These kids use simple squares and triangles so they are able to make bigger and more complex figures in their art work.

Kara, a camper at the Young Rembrandt’s camp, described that art made her happy and that she was looking forward to the rest of the camp.

Amilcar Torres-Enrique