Music camp inspires young children

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Music camp inspires young children

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Northern Kentucky University’s Summer String Project is one of 41 projects in the nation that brings the love of instruments such as the violin, cello, viola, and bass to children.

The children, ages 8-13, have varied experience with these instruments. However, the teachers make sure that each camper is gaining a vast knowledge of what they are playing, from music theory to actual techniques.

Dr. Holly Attar, a master teacher at the camp and the director of the Music Preparatory Department, expressed why music programs are so important.

“I think music is so important to children,” she explained. “I think it teaches them everything about character building, so it teaches them about perseverance and motivation and self-discipline and courage and risk taking and gives them a place to belong and something to really be proud of.”

Social interactions were also an important part of the camp. This was apparent when the campers played music based games and intermingled with one another.

The string camp at NKU provides more than just a lecture on music theory but engages the students into learning different music techniques that campers can leave with.

Rachel Daddieh
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