String camp helps students improve many skills


Along with the teaching of music theory, musicianship, and string techniques, Dr. Holly Attar, one of the master teachers for the NKU String Project, believes in building character during the camp.

The NKU String Project is a weeklong camp for young string players who hope to improve their musical abilities.

“We want to help them work on teamwork and perseverance and motivation, self-discipline and just a sense of belonging,” said Attar.

As well as practicing for the large orchestra and small sectionals, the campers have time to meet individually with a teacher to get personal feedback and tips.

The kids also play music based games, which gives them the opportunity to make new friends while learning about music in a fun way.

Anna, one of the campers, has been playing the cello for three years. One of her favorite aspects of the camp is the smaller community.

“Well, I really like playing a lot together because in String Project we don’t have such a big of a group,” said Anna. “There’s also a lot of new people and old friends as well.”

NKU’s goals for their String Project campers are more than just instrumental improvement.

“One thing that is different about this one [camp] is we really focus heavily on cultivating characteristics,” Attar said.

From the kids’ joyful attitudes to their enthusiasm for music, it shows that the campers can both improve musically and grow mentally.

Hannah Brandell