Student researchers focus on NKU rain garden


While soil may seem like a harmless and petty thing to think about, the NKU rain garden proves otherwise.

Some soil, especially in urban areas, contains lead. Lead, can be poisonous upon consumption or if it enters the bloodstream.

Kristy Hopfensperger, assistant professor at NKU Science Center, and two students are working very hard to advise people about this lead in the dirt.

The students, Beth Knox and Emily Keener, are researching ways to locate and eliminate the lead.

A rain garden is in simple terms, a garden that catches run-off from rain and allows people to test the soil there and see how the different chemicals and elements have entered it.

For some students, the lab at college is not the end of their studies; in fact, far from it. The students explained that they wished to pursue another scientific study in their future.

When questioned about what they wanted to study, many said that they were going to consider performing other research-based projects and doing more tests.

Jake Huseman