Students gain engineering skills at Space Robotics Camp


Students in grades sixth through eighth participated in the Space Robotics Camp Wednesday at NKU.

They acquired valuable life lessons while making new friends with common interests.

According to Mackenzie, camp participant, the students had to build the robots out of Legos, program them, and then practice continuous trials until they perfected their masterpieces.

“We build it in the first few days, and then we program it to do a certain task, and then afterwards it’s trial and error,” said Mackenzie.

Instructor Elizabeth Koch believes that this Space Robotics Camp will be both beneficial and fun for the students.  This is because the students’ needs are being nurtured by a program that attracts gifted students, according to Koch.

“This camp is phenomenal,” Koch said.  “Programs like this tend to attract students who are gifted or at least highly advanced in the STEM fields and we have a variety of really talented kids here today.”

Additionally, the participants are gaining skills that will help them throughout their lives and will be of good use to them every day.

“They are developing some critical foresee skills such as communication, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration through the activities that the students are doing,” said Koch.

The possibilities that the students can create when they put their ideas together are apparent.  The camp’s success relies on the student’s collaboration with one another so that they can build something that they’re deeply proud of.

Callie Bolling