Young kids build robotic technology during summer camp


Middle-school students focused on working as a team to improve their creativeness, communication, and problem-solving skills Wednesday during Northern Kentucky University’s Robotic Space Challenge camp.

Elizabeth Koch, a Boone County school teacher, is one of the instructors of the camp.

“This program attracts a lot of kids who are gifted or highly advanced in these types of fields and we have a variety of really talented kids here today,” said Koch. “I’m excited to work with these kids. They’re developing skills with communication, critical-thinking and collaboration. You can see the activities that the students do.”

The campers learned things such as robots and technology, how they work in space, and if they will be able to work in space.

Lee, one of the students, enjoys the different type of robots that they create during the week-long camp.

“Probably the simple one, which is kind of fun, is the MSL robot, which we were supposed to drop it all the way around and then push it up, or you can drive it all the way on the ramp, and there were a bunch of mistakes and it was kind of funny, and one time one of the cars would roll over and start going in a circle,” said Lee.

The students simulated what it was like working with those robots up in space and how they would float. Through the simulation, they were able to travel and live on Mars.

Josh, camp participant, was excited about what the camp had in store for him.

“I decided to participate in this camp it looks fun and I have friends that have done the same experiments,” said Josh.

Mari Froude