Dean Hume


Dean Hume, Journalism teacher and publication adviser at Lakota East High School;

Adjunct Faculty, NKU Department of Journalism.

Expertise: Reporting, writing, editing, and management of publication staffs. I have always believed steadfastly in the Fourth Estate Mission. Well-managed and well-missioned Media are vitally important. Students need to understand the power they can wield via a well-managed media.  

Workshop positon: How to apply all the knowledge and techniques learned at the workshop to your own school publications and/or media. Even though every student and every school situation – media wise – is different, the material discussed here can serve your school.



For nearly a decade, Hume worked for daily newspapers in northern Ohio covering sports and community features for the weekly magazines. He also carried a monthly column. Teaching at the high school and/or college level for 34 years, Hume has published two textbooks. Named a national Dow Jones Newspaper Distinguished Advisor, a NOSPA Hall of Fame Advisor, A National Department of Education Commended Scholars Educator, a “Trailblazer” by the Texas Journalism Educators, his publication staffs have won every national award possible enough times to gain the publication NSPA National Hall of Fame status in 2010.


Fun Fact: Hume interviewed Bobby Knight and lived to tell the tale.

On Social Media: I view all social media in the same fashion as one could evaluate a sharp steak knife. Depending on how it is used, people could end up happy or hurt. There is potential on all sides. Journalistically speaking, while social media can provide access and speed that has never been rivaled, social media can’t be a substitute for hard-nosed reporting, which requires effort, planning, and time.

Dream Job: I would love to be a small-town newspaper editor, like Mr. Underwood in To Kill A­­ Mockingbird. Talk about being in the know and connected to everyone’s business. Plus, a smaller setting means one can perform more duties.