John Gibson


John Gibson, Lecturer/media producer at Northern Kentucky University



Workshop position: Director of Video



Hello! I’m a lecturer and a media producer here at NKU. I received my undergraduate degree in history and graduate degree in mass communication from Murray State University.

When I’m not in the classroom, I can usually be found working on productions in various capacities, writing stories/film scripts, or diligently zombie-proofing my home. My first feature film, Revelation Trail, was released in North America in August 2014, and I’m working on developing a few more larger projects.


In addition to teaching, I also work with students at NorseMedia, NKU’s campus television station, to produce documentary content, and to cover events around campus and the community.


Candace (my wife) and I married in Metropolis, IL; our first dance was on a stage at a banquet hall in town. A few years later we met the original Boba Fett and Chewbacca on the very same stage at a sci-fi convention, so that’s pretty cool, and will probably be featured on bar trivia some day.

I also have an impressive collection of action figures, a collection that I hope my four year old son Silas and 18 month old daughter Emery don’t discover before I’m able to install the laser sensors and alarms.


What’s your favorite social media and why? I’m going to have to go with Youtube, just for the sheer amount of cat videos. And sometimes the movie trailers. But mostly the cat videos.

What’s your dream job and why? If I were to be able to do anything other than what I do now, I would want to be a feature film editor. Or feature film writer.

What’s one interesting fact about you? As I write this bio, I am also prepping to shoot a short film the weekend right before camp, called “Half Finished.” So, either the interesting fact is that I am working on a film, or that I am absolutely terrible about scheduling everything all at once..