Parker Academy dig site. (Provided by Dr. Brian Hackett.)
Parker Academy dig site.

Provided by Dr. Brian Hackett.

NKU students collecting artifacts for future museum

July 12, 2018

The Parker Academy, a 19th-century schoolhouse in New Richmond, Ohio has been the site of an archaeology dig for the past three years.

NKU Anthropology Professor Dr. Sharyn Jones described a piece of a bowl with one big blue strip at the rim, which she said was made between 1825-1850.

NKU students and faculty have found these artifacts over the years on this dig site and there is still a lot more to uncover.

In the future, NKU professors want to open a museum to display these relics. The date for this museum is set for 2020, according to public history professor Dr. Brian Hackett.

The reason it will open so far in the future is because they want to find more artifacts that will complete the museum, he said.

Finding these interesting articles is important to the people in today’s day and time.

“We excavated around there and found a wide variety of artifacts that would tell us a bit about everyday life,” Jones said. “What were the kids doing? What were they eating? How where they spending their free time?”

Some of these questions were answered through digging through the buried trash behind the men’s dorm house.  

These artifacts help the people to realize and learn what the past was like.They will open people up to the harsh times back then through these found objects.

Jones said that some items found displayed the recreational habits of the students during that time period. An example of an item found would be small marbles and pieces of harmonicas.

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