A look inside NKU’s athletic department

July 13, 2018

Chloe Smith and Grayson Rose, two women involved in the athletic department at Northern Kentucky University, showed the major differences in the management and sport sides of the department.

Smith is the assistant athletic communications director, while Rose plays the forward position on the university’s basketball team.

If the NKU basketball team was a movie, Smith is like a part of the behind-the-scenes crew. The team gets loads of media attention and interviews, while Smith and others in management are in charge of organizing the media. Though they do not get a lot of glory, there is plenty of work that they do.

“I decided to do S.I.D. work because that was something that incorporated a lot of different fields I can do journalism. I can do videography. I can do typography, interviewing and a lot of dealing with the media,” Smith said.

Smith praised Grayson and how she plays. This shows the expectations of the job and how management has to not only manage the team but represent them.

How does one become part of management for a sports team? Smith got into the career by being an athlete first. She loved sports so much and wanted to continue being involved with it even after she ended her career as an athlete. She became interested in the media aspect of sports and with her major in film, got to where she is today.   

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A look inside NKU’s athletic department