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Futuristic nursing program

July 13, 2018

The new Health Innovation Center, located at NKU, offers a plethora of highly futuristic simulations for students. The mannequins here, used for simulation, even have the ability to vomit and seizure.

Brett Kendon, the assistant program director and the director of simulation for the nurse anesthesia program, said the technology offered is near the best in the state.

“We can change their pupil size, their heart sounds, all of those type of components that we could take from a clinical situation and put it into a simulation,” Kendon said.

Kendon also showed a simulation that offered a viewing area that wouldn’t distract those performing the procedure, in the form of a two-way mirror.

“[After] guiding the students and allowing them to critically think and problem solve, we then take the people who were in the situation and have a discussion where we talk about what went wrong,” Kendon said.

“[A] lot of this stuff is very accurate, all these mannequins have the same anatomy, being able to recognize all the structures and being able to utilize the equipment…is a big deal as far as it comes with application,” Nursing Student Derek Smith said. 

According to Kendon, requirements include at least two years of nursing experience and a bachelor’s degree to apply.

“The [final] part of this [course] is putting [the students] into a clinical situation where they are actually dealing with real people and situations,” Kendon said.


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