Guatemala: a trip of a lifetime

July 13, 2018

Most college students think back on college experiences they’ve had while on campus. However, a group of NKU students are going to have college memories not from school, but instead from Guatemala.

The electronic media broadcast class left NKU in May 2018 for a two week trip to Guatemala.

For the course, they require nine hours of class or a trip out of the country. Both options, Tracy Songer, an EMB NKU assistant professor, said that the trip will obviously serve a far more enjoyable experience for students.

The group of 18 went to Los Andes in Guatemala to see a coffee farm and shoot a potential documentary. Students were able to experience culture firsthand.

The unique experience was mostly captured on video, giving a rich visual about their time in Guatemala. Aside from shooting video, students were able to go inside a school and interact with local students. Students may never be able to fully describe the experience they had, but instead will be able to show it.

“My advice for a student thinking about doing it is to just do it. You get to experience a new culture and step out of your comfort zone,” said Songer.

This is the second year in which NKU has done this trip. Videos of locals show them working on the farm, attending school and interacting with students.

Songer also said they had incredible interaction with the local people.


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