Landrum Academic Center. (Courtney D.)
Landrum Academic Center.

Courtney D.

History is made by working together

July 13, 2018

Associate Professor Dr. William Landon, with “The Parker Project” said why the program is such an important success to a better future. Northern Kentucky University hosts and even pays students to dig for history of the desegregation school.

According to Landon, the overall purpose is to get people from everywhere to work together.

“[People] put themselves in little boxes, and always work solo,” Landon said.

Students from every part of the university are brought out of their comfort zones for a better social and learning experience.

“The Parker family is at the epicenter of so many projects,” Landon said. He said that many of these unsegregated students went on to be important people, be involved in wars and be innovative successes, white or black.

In the future, Landon hopes to look into those projects for his classes. This rare program was earned by Landon and Greg Roberts, the interim administrator in New Richmond.

Both men are high level and well known historians in the Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio areas. The National Science Foundation (NSF) agreed to fund the excavation on site, and all three characters signed a grant.

Landon and Roberts will be restoring the site afterwards, and may even build an in-house museum for local history lovers like themselves and other students at NKU.

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