A student performs a procedure on one of the simulation dummies in the Health Informatics Center's new simulation lab.

Zachary S.

Nursing students train in new high-tech simulation lab

July 13, 2018

In a high-tech lab located in NKU’s Health Innovation Center, nurse anesthetist students are hard at work in a simulated operation.

The rooms where the Nurse Anesthesia Program students practiced their skill is starkly familiar to a hospital. It is, of course, where the program participants planned to end up.

Across one of the walls is a VR screen, which helps train students to insert tubing into a patient. The simulation then switched from the video game-like program to a realistic scenario.

The atmosphere was all that of a regular hospital. Among the beeps of the heart monitor and the bright surgery lights, students carefully inserted a tube with a camera into the realistic dummy. On a nearby screen the realistic lungs of the dummy appeared via the camera.

Nurse anesthesia programs are highly competitive. NKU student Seth Steward knew how hard it would be getting into a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist school.

“There was a person who always told me that the best CRNA school you could get into was the one you could get into,” Steward said.  

“Simulation ensures that you have the technical skills to perform these procedures safely and for the benefit of the patient.”

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