Dr. Sharyn Jones with students and mentors, showing artifacts from Parker Academy. (Justin C. )
Dr. Sharyn Jones with students and mentors, showing artifacts from Parker Academy.

Justin C.

Parker Academy dig shifts perspective on Civil War

July 13, 2018

Parker Academy is an archaeological dig site done by NKU students for the past three years in New Richmond, Ohio.

Students were able to obtain information about the dig by interviewing history professors and historians that were apart of the dig.

The dig site uncovered artifacts representing the history of the Parker family before and during the Civil War in a new perspective.

During the actual dig, NKU students uncovered artifacts including a musket ball, marbles and food. These artifacts told them the lifestyle and culture of the dig site. The site itself is on a depression near the Ohio River.

Dr. William Landon, an associate professor and chair in the department of history and geography at NKU, is an historian who provided “basic guidance” to the archaeological dig.

Landon said they have been trying to show students that the particular methods that they use in historical research has an amount of overlap with what archaeologists are doing in the field.

He also said the lab is about organization and making sense of the past in order to get the students to think across the disciplines.

This gave the students a valuable lesson about archaeology, while preparing to present this information to the community.

“The grant that we have is through the Nation Science Foundation,” Landon said. “One of the things it requires us to do is to make our work successful and understandable to the community.”

The future of the dig site possibly will be in a museum to help inform the community.

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