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Simulation lab: students better their skills

July 13, 2018

This fall, Northern Kentucky University’s new Health Innovation facility will be open to prepare health care professionals and to provide solutions to the health and wellness challenges of the region and Commonwealth.

“The Health Innovation Center will house cross-disciplinary programs that break silos to create solutions to existing problems,” said NKU’s website.

Designed to help students get hands-on experience, these simulations allow them to practice and get comfortable with what they will have to work with before going out and doing the actual work.

“It definitely gives us advantages as anesthesia students to be able to utilize this equipment and utilize all these mannequins and simulation tools to help apply and better our skill sets as anesthesia practitioners,” Student Derek Smith said.  

Dr. Brett Kendon, the assistant program director and the director of simulation for the nurse anesthesia program, also talked about how the simulation environment affects students.

“For our program we have the didactic, which is the learning classroom – PowerPoints, books, those types of things. We then take those components, put them into the simulation environment [and] speak to the things they’re learning in the book or the situations and then the third part of it is putting those two components into the clinical environment when they’re actually dealing with real people in real situations.”

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