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The simulation project trains students

July 13, 2018

When Derek Smith was deciding what to do with his life, his mother was there to help him. His mother was a nurse who pushed him to become who he is today.

“It was always something to do. My mom does that so she kind of pushed me to this direction. That’s why I am here now,” Smith said.  

One of the first things Smith wants to do is go to anesthesia school. During the time here, he’s learning how to do surgery with interactive dummies. The dummies in the simulation lab are new and futuristic.

They have a real pulse, blood pressure, can have seizures and many other qualities that make this a unique experience.

“It’s more of a relief really, because you get to apply and do stuff here before you get in the field,” Smith said.

The program involves different steps. The first is studying and reading books. They want the students to understand what they are doing before anything else.

The students then work with dummies and practice fake surgeries for the real world. After that, students are able to work with real patients.

While working in the operating room, students were working with the dummies and showing how the lungs work. When practicing the surgery, they were showing how the lungs went up and down when they were pumping air into the mouth of the dummy.

Then they also showed the use of a two-way mirror. When doing surgeries, they don’t want the doctors being stressed by people watching them.

Smith thinks this is a perfect place for new students wanting to go into the medical field.

“I would certainly recommend it to any students or to get the exposure of this simulation lab because all of this high-tech equipment definitely gives you an advantage compared to other programs,” Smith said.

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