Campers practice media skills at basketball press conference


Maggie Pund

Andrew Clark takes notes on the “do’s and don’ts” of interviewing.

Students learned the secrets to interviewing people on Tuesday during the Journalism in the Digital Age Workshop.

Michele Day, program director, taught that the keys to interviewing are doing the research before the interview and asking follow-up questions.

“If you listen to people, you can ask good questions,” Day said.

After the quick lesson in interviewing, the students were prepped by Chris Cole, NKU’s director of marketing and communications, for a press conference with Dave Bezold, NKU men’s basketball head coach. Cole was able to give the students background information they then used to ask poignant questions during the press conference.

In response to one question about the long-term goals for NKU’s basketball program as a Division I school, Bezold said, “Standing at the bottom of the mountain and wanting to reach the top; that’s exciting.”

Olivia Krauth, a graduate from Scott High School, said the background information Cole provided really helped her prepare for the press conference.

“The easiest part of interviewing was coming up with questions before hand,” Krauth said, “and the hardest part was coming up with the on-the-spot questions and the follow-ups.”

Andrew Clark, sophomore at Starkville High School in Mississippi agreed by saying, “It was kind of hard coming up with good questions on the spot.”

Regardless of how comfortable the students were with the follow-up questions, Bezold shared at the end of the press conference how impressed he was at the quality of questions they had asked and gave the students a little advice about their future in journalism.

“To be successful in your career, you have to sacrifice something,” Bezold said.  “Don’t let anyone set you back.”

Leila Jaafari, a junior at Holy Cross High School, said she was the most excited about interviewing.

“I like the person-to-person aspect and getting to know people,” she said.

After a morning of interviewing practice and application, the students sat down at the keyboard, put keystrokes to screen and wrote their first stories. Each participant had a half an hour to write a profile story about another member of the program.

While the pressure of a deadline looming may be hard for some, Bezold summed it all up the best when he said, “Stop and smell the roses and the basketball will take care of itself.”