Day 3 : Students learn techniques for shooting video


Maggie Pund

Leila Jaafari works on her news story after collecting information from her assignment at the SAE club.

Students and mentors found their way to various locations on NKU’s campus Wednesday to shoot video, do interviews, and collect information for their main stories.

Their stories will be posted to the workshop website, along with photos and videos they have collected.

To prepare the students for this task, Michele Day helped them to develop interview questions so that they are prepared for the event in which they are covering. The various events on campus that the students will be covering are summer camps of several different departments on campus.

Four of the workshop mentors led the groups to Norse Think Tank, the aeronautics camp, NKU women’s basketball camp, and NKU’s Society of Automotive Engineers with the Norse Baha Club. These camps are put together for K-12 kids.

Students interviewed those who were attending each camp as well as the instructors and adults involved.

Following their coverage of each events, the students put together their news stories with the information they collected. Students were asked to pick a specific angle in which to focus their story. They then reviewed their video footage to decide what information was most useful and important for their stories.

To accompany the news story, the students created videos of their interviews with John Gibson, an electronic media broadcasting professor. In order to accomplish this, they were taught the basic of the video editing software, Adobe Premier.

Gibson helped the students apply b-roll, the overlay of video on top of audio, and to cut and include the most important parts of their interviews. Students wrapped up the day by putting their best effort into finishing their projects, which will be uploaded onto the workshop website.