Journalism students discover the joys and trials of backpack journalism


Alyson Schoenung

Joseph Glandorf shoots video while on assignment at the aeronautics camp.

Students use the skills they’ve learned from the past few days to go out on assignments and take photos, do a video interview and get b-roll for their videos on Wednesday.

Mary Wurtz, sophomore at Walnut Hills High School said the pressure was on. She was more comfortable with the camera after the practice on Tuesday and “felt really cool and really professional.”

Wurtz was in the group who interviewed teachers and students participating in the Norse Think Tank summer program.

“It was a really good crash course in doing everything,” Wurtz said. “I feel like I picked up a lot of new skills.”

Joseph Glandorf, also a sophomore at Walnut Hills, said he liked doing the video recording and said the biggest difference from the other days was getting to use the cameras and getting the chance to “ask questions that would look good on video.”

Glandorf took video and photos at the NKU Aeronautics camp and said, “It was an interesting experience.”

Brendan Hamilton, a junior from Boone County High School, was a little rushed setting up his camera for his interview of junior forward Melody Doss, who was mentoring at NKU’s girls’ basketball camp. In the rush, he forgot to change the camera setting from camera to video and missed out on getting the video.

“It was a rookie mistake,” Hamilton said.

However, the b-roll and still photos went well and he was able to get some good pictures.

“I’ll never make that mistake again,” he said.

The students only had an hour to go to their location, set up their shots and take video and still photos, all while remembering to take notes and get good quotes for their written stories.

“It was time constrained, but it was kind of fun to go around and do all that stuff at once,” Glandorf said.