Day 4: Students’ attention skills tested by high school adviser


Stephen Wilder

Andrew Clark takes Instagram photos of an aquarium in the science building.

Students exercised their picture taking skills Thursday, while participating in the second Instagram contest of the week. Students were led by their mentors across campus to find things about NKU that they didn’t already know.

These things included the underground tunnel that connects the buildings to each other, the morgue located in the second floor of the science center and the statue of Abraham Lincoln.

Upon returning to class, students were given an out of the box presentation by Lakota East High School’s newspaper and website advisor, Dean Hume.

Hume spent a lot of time asking fast paced questions and giving valuable life lessons in the world of journalism, using an aggressive approach to get the students talking and participating. Students were shy at first and a bit taken aback by Hume’s methods, but soon they were shouting out answers and posing questions just as much as Hume.

The students then gathered for an introduction of the editors of NKU’s independent newspaper and website, The Northerner. They were given information on how to get involved with NKU’s newspaper if they choose to attend NKU, as well as given positive encouragement for their involvement in their high school publications.

To wrap up the day, students finished editing their videos from their news assignments they shot yesterday.