Day 2: Students practice interviewing during press conference

Students perfected their interviewing skills by questioning NKU’s women’s basketball coach and players about everything from their recent switch to the Horizon League to their team’s mantra Tuesday in the Journalism in the Digital Age Workshop.

The press conference with Coach Dawn Plitzuweit and players Rebecca Lyttle and Molly Franson followed a session on the significance of planning and solid preparation.

Right away, their research paid off when Plitzuweit noted how excited she was when one of the students pronounced her name correctly.

“I am really impressed,” Plitzuweit said to Amilcar Torres-Enrique, sophomore at Walnut Hills High School, in Cincinnati, Ohio. “No one can ever pronounce my name correctly. You can tell you did your research. Good job.”

Torres-Enrique said he looked up the pronunciation while doing some background research.

Charlie Goldsmith, junior at The Seven Hills School in Cincinnati, Ohio, wants to be a sports journalist and asked the coach and players numerous questions about their relationship and motivations.

“It is all about being prepared,” stated Goldsmith. “It is easy to tell when someone prepares for an interview because their questions inspire good thoughtful answers, and that is what I strive to do.”

Other students were more apprehensive about interviewing. Whitney Bronson, senior at Walnut Hills High School, explained how she was more comfortable with being interviewed than asking the questions herself.

She found some advice that Plitzuweit gives her players useful for approaching interviewing.

“I think it really is all about what the coach said,” Bronson said. “Asking questions with both a sense of humility and confidence allows the reporter to connect with the person they are interviewing.”