2016 Journalism Awards!

An action shot of a smiling pre-schooler and an artsy image of shadows on a stairway.
A video of documenting the innovations planned for a new campus academic building and a feature story that showcased a camp that explored the science of dropping eggs without cracking them.

Here’s a look at the award-winning work produced by students at the Journalism in the Digital Age Workshop June 20-24 at Northern Kentucky University.


Best photo
First place– Tricia Gullett
Second place — Sophia Spivey

Best Instagram Photos
First Place – Collin Trissel

Second Place – Grace Jackson

Third Place – Kyle Kruthoffer


Best interviewer
First place — Grace Engelman
Second Place — Jw Story
Third Place — Vance Underwood


Best Video

First place – Kyle Kruthoffer
Second Place—Sarah Krebs
Third Place – Sophia Spivey


Best Feature story

Best Feature Story – Elizabeth Apollonio
Second Place – Grace Jackson
Third place – Lina Kaval


Best All-round Journalist

First Place — Elizabeth Apollonio