Students Prove Mentoring is a Rewarding Experience


Vance Underwood

Fabio, Chris, and Nathan hanging out in the Digitorium.

Christopher Decker, Story Editor

When Michele Day said the Journalism in the Digital Age Workshop was the most rewarding teaching experience of her career, I was skeptical.

But throughout this past week, I have found her words rang true for me as well.

There is nothing more rewarding than watching a group of people you taught excel in something they have never really done before. That’s what happened to me on Wednesday morning when the students divided into groups to report and shoot video on events happening on campus.

My group of five students went up to the President’s office to interview Sue Ott Rowland, the provost of Northern Kentucky University, to find out more information on the new Health Innovation Center. The kids were fearless and savvy in their question asking, and never lost focus during the interview. It was one of the most incredible things to see.   

That’s what this workshop has been all about, taking advantage of opportunities and being unafraid to go out and get the job done. That’s what being a journalist is all about. These students constantly exceeded expectations with the amount of knowledge they absorbed and the fantastic content every student produced throughout the week.

The most impressive thing was the togetherness of the group. Everyone got along really well and nobody was afraid to be a part of the group. There was no shortage of talking and laughter when the students met at the beginning of the day, at lunch, or when they were working on activities. They were willing to work as a team and helped each other succeed.