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Here’s what you missed on Monday, July 9

July 9, 2018


Emerson Swoger

John Gibson teaching about camera equipment.

1. Let’s play ball

Shortly after check in for the 2018 Journalism and Digital Media Academy, mentors kicked off the week with a game to learn more about each student. They tossed a ball around a circle with multiple questions written on sticky notes to answer. The students learned more about what each of their passions were, their dream jobs, favorite movies and many other questions. The game served as an icebreaker between the students and mentors. The most awkward question of the day “would you rather be sticky or itchy the rest of your life” had many students and mentors stumped.


2. First snapshots

After being taught the basics of their Canon camcorders and tripods, the students welcomed professional photographer Bruce Crippen into the classroom. The Cincinnati Post alum enlightened the high school students on the crucial points of choosing, cropping and editing the ideal photo. He displayed photo shoots from his portfolio and gave the students tips on how to capture an intriguing image.

3. Capturing campus

One of the first hands-on activities the students participated in was a campus scavenger hunt. Each student was given an iPad and were sent to take photos for different categories, such as photos that were reflective, black and white, colorful, and interesting. Other categories included pictures that involved technology, represented NKU, told a story and showcased each group.

4. And the winner is…

After an agonizing wait, students finally got to see whose IG game was the strongest. Mentors carefully looked through photos from every team and chose a winner for each category of the scavenger hunt. As the champions were revealed, students had the opportunity to explain the inspiration behind their winning photo while mentors explained how they chose their favorites.

5. Honorable mentions

Though there could only be one winner in each category, all students from the five groups shot well-composed and inspired photos. Here’s some that didn’t make the cut, but we still think they’re pretty cool.

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