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Students perform some exercises in media professional Dean Hume’s activity.

What you missed on July 26

Students wrapped up the week learning about high school news organizations and closed out the day with a reception to celebrate their work

July 26, 2019

After a week of learning how to shoot and edit videos, write and edit stories, take photos, record podcasts and more—students celebrated their work at a closing ceremony attended by the students’ families.

High school media

On their second day with NKU professor and Lakota East student magazine advisor Dean Hume, students learned how they can take lessons from this week’s workshop back to their high school.

Students participated in a variety of unique activities, like drawing a self portrait, scattering the drawings and then trying to match the portrait with the owner or Hume giving the students the chance to sharpen their interviewing skills by asking him a bevy of random questions.

The students were so involved in Hume’s activities, they ended up going for 20 minutes longer than the schedule had planned for.

Searching around campus

Students split into groups for one final scavenger hunt across campus. This time, the themes to take photos of were: “something colorful,” “something black and white,” “something with a story” and a team photo.

The students used lessons, tips and advice they learned this week from the media professionals when taking their photos.

Final reflections

As the time started to tick to the ceremony, the students jotted their favorite memories and stand out experiences of the week.

Ethan B. said this week helped him see what his future is going to look like. “I wanted to do sports journalism, and now I know this is what I want to do with my career.”

Plenty of students said the experience they had during the camp has been helpful for them to see where they could take the skills after the week closes.

Kryton J. came into the week knowing he was interested in mostly podcasting and was grateful for the experience to be behind the microphone. However, at the end of the week, he found himself enjoying all the aspects of media and wanting to do more with journalism.

Closing the week out

Tacos, daily recaps, fun stories about the students during the week launched the closing ceremony. But the real excitement began when awards were announced.

Winners were difficult to choose for each category—best video, best photo, best story and best overall journalist. Students created multidimensional content throughout the week that was briefly featured in the week’s recap video to give the parents a taste of what their students did this week.

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