Aeronautics camp gives teaching assistants and teachers the chance to pass on their knowledge

During this year’s CINSAM aeronautics camp, Ian Reindhart, a 17-year-old teacher’s assistant at the camp, saw the importance in the kids learning techniques now.

“It’s showing to them at a young age, so that they have time at a young age, so that they have time to think about this stuff for the future,” Reindhart said.

William Schneider one of the main teachers at the camp seemed to share this same ideology with Ian.

“Myself, personally, and the other instructors have both had careers in aviation and related fields,” Reindhart said. “We were inspired as nine and ten year old kids to be involved in aviation, and we want to take our passion for aviation and inspire the next generation to have the same career paths”

During the camp the students will not only learn mathematical formulas such as how to calculate time and distance of rockets, but gain first-hand experience with Microsoft flight simulators and even launch individual rockets.

Schneider went on to say that from all of the different topics the teachers and students will go over during the camp that once it’s over he hopes they’ve all learned something

“[I] hope they have a better understanding of the math and the science and the physics behind aviation, because you have to integrate,” Schneider said.

Christian one of the students attending the camp says he hopes to join the Air Force later in his life where he will implement many of the skills he will learn in the camp albeit slightly more advanced ones. More than any other activity they will cover in the camp; he says he is looking forward to the flight simulators.