Basketball camp for young girls gives players motivation for the upcoming season

This week, NKU women’s basketball team has put on a camp for young girls, getting themselves and the others around them motivated for the future of NKU basketball in Division I.

The Norse won handily against one of the best teams in the Atlantic Sun Conference, proving that they are here to compete and win.

Rising sophomore guard Sarah Kinch stated that it was her favorite game of the season.

“Easily Florida Gulf Coast, here,” Kinch said. “They were on a 44-0 streak where they hadn’t lost… and we beat them by 20 points.”

The future looks bright for the Norse and in the future they will continue to compete with some of the bigger schools in the nation.

“I get the impression that this team has something to prove,” Russ Rose, a coach at the camp, said. “At the end of the day you’re there to win the game that’s in front of you, and if it’s not the NCAA tournament, it’s something else.”