Basketball camp strives to inspire young girls

This week’s basketball camp at NKU is a tool of encouragement to not only the local girls, but the players and coaches that are working with them.

“You [kids] want to be those types of kids [players] and now you come to camp and you get to interact with them,” Russ Rose, a coach of this week’s Girls Basketball Camp, said.

The camp is 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Bank of Kentucky Center and costs $190. The girls have the ability to meet other girls interested in basketball, improve on their skills, and meet some NKU players.

Many people only see the wins and losses of a sports team but not the inspiration the team can give to the kids watching them.

“There’s not just you in the world,” Sarah Kinch, a sophomore at NKU, said.

This is her first time working with the girls while Melody Doss, senior, has worked with them before.

Sarah also said that basketball has taught her, “how to be a teammate, a better person, and to make sure I put others before myself.”