Camp allows young girls to learn basketball basics from college players

This Wednesday, a group of young girls came together at the Individual Basketball Camp at NKU, with the help and influence of the women of the NKU basketball team.

The girls came to this camp because they are passionate about the sport, and they want to grow stronger as a basketball player. The women from the NKU basketball team helped these girls with different skills such as ball handling, shooting, and defense techniques.

Not only did they want to help these young girls with their skills, but they wanted to have a powerful influence on them such as describing the role of being a player, and playing on a team.

“An important part of basketball, especially on a team sport, is you have to know your role. You need to know exactly what to do,” Sarah Kinch, one of NKU’s basketball players, said.

These women from the team are trying to teach these girls how to work with others and to be a team player.

By the looks of how the camp went, these young girls definitely learned a lot from the experience, especially from the two head coaches, Lynn Plett and Russ Rose.

“Basketball has taught me about how to be a good teammate, how to be a better person, and how to make sure to put others before myself,” Kinch said.

The women from the team hope that these young girls get the same message and experience from the camp.