Camp gets kids ready for the future

Northern Kentucky University’s ExploreMore provides students independence and a different learning environment from every day school.

This talent development and gifted studies camp is currently taking place with participants from kindergarten through fifth grade. The students are exposed to classes of their interest and hands on challenges from karate to finding fairies.

“This camp gets you ready for the future. I love future”, said Kathleen, a second grader at ExploreMore.

Kathleen and two of her friends were part of the finding fairies class. The students expressed their love for nature and meeting new friends at NKU. In spite of their young age, two of them have high aspirations of being the first girl president.

“It’s hard to tell what they want to do in the future at such a young age. But it’s a lot of fun and it provides them with learning in ways outside a classroom environment. A little less structured but they still learn a lot,” said NKU student, Sarah – who teaches the Ooey Gooey Science Fun course.

The Karate kids get to work physically and mentally every day, it is a combination of Japanese and karate training. The Assistant sensei Molly, started karate when she was seven and it has helped her to feel prepared for a dangerous situation.

“My older brother chopped wood with his foot,” said Jack, a third grader in karate. He then stated, “Yeah now I could do it with my hand.”

His friend Tristian agreed that he would use his karate skills if necessary. This is his second year in the class. “They’re really fun. We’ve learned a lot of stuff and it’s just…changing,” Jack said.