Camp teaches students responsibilities through creative courses

Creative kids are having fun at ExploreMore, a summer camp at Northern Kentucky University throughout the week of June 16 to the 20.

At ExploreMore there are a variety of programs and classes that children enrolled in kindergarten through fifth grade can choose from.  A few of the classes at ExploreMore involve karate, how to catch a fairy, and science fun.

“I like it!” said karate student Jack.

The kids at this camp are learning different skills and having loads of fun. Emma, a student taking the class, said, “We had fun at this camp, lots of fun! We do cool things.”

One of the classes teaches the students about plants and nature.

“They have learned ways to be environmentally friendly.” says teacher Mrs. Adams.

In the class “How to Catch a Fairy,” the students learn about fairies while having fun, but they also learn about the environment.  Students pledge to protect nature in this class.

In the class “Ooey Gooey Slimy Science Fun,” the children learn about science. The advisor, Sarah, shares “We talk about chemical reactions, and solids, liquids, gasses, things that they haven’t talked about, but can handle.”

The students made their own mini volcano model and watched it explode. However, they all also knew the science behind the eruption.  The ExploreMore camp balances learning and fun for the students.

In the karate class, the students don’t just learn how to defend themselves, but they also learn words in Japanese.

“Were helping my children in karate, their learning the actual words in Japanese.” explains karate teacher, Steve Napier. “I enjoy working with young people and teaching,” he continued.

He then adds, “They get to do problem solving that they wouldn’t maybe do in regular school because it’s geared more with fun.”

At the ExploreMore summer camp, students are learning and having lots of fun.