Classes use creative ways to teach children responsibilities

Creative children are having a try at entertaining classes at Northern Kentucky University’s ExploreMore program throughout the week of June 16-20.

Being able to participate in unique classes like Beginning Karate, Gobs of Goo, and How to Catch a Fairy in Five Steps allows these children, not only to participate in fun activities during the summer hours, but also partake in a great learning experience.

“I think it’s a great challenging program for them to explore what they’re specifically interested in,” said Sarah, teacher and advisor for Gobs of Goo.

Normal school programs are book and classroom based, which doesn’t allow much creative freedom from the students. This is specifically what ExploreMore tries to stray away from.

“During the school day it’s a lot of just core stuff, reading and math. It doesn’t leave a lot of time for the science and the art… so this program is specifically based off of their interests, so they get to pick what they’re interested in,” Sarah said.

The reactions of these students come out in their work and in their attitude. “I really like this class,” said Madison, eight- year -old student in Beginning Karate, “We started basically on Monday, [But] I wish we could end it at the end of our life.”

These classes are not only providing students with class skills, but also life skills. This is especially apparent in Carol Adams’ “How to Catch a Fairy in Five Steps” class. In this program, the students use their creative skills to make fairy houses and wind chimes, along with learning about different plants and how to clean up the environment.

“They’re at home, taking what they’ve learned, and putting it together,” said Adams.

But the opportunities don’t end there.

“I hear the classes that they’re taking and I’m like I never got to go to those things!” said Molly, assistant Sensei at Beginning Karate, “There is fashion, there is Minecraft, there is Karate, and there are just a lot of opportunities for them.”

It seems that the kids are truly inspired by these programs, and enjoy all the activities that are given to them.