Construction on Norse Commons continues forward

Rob Knarr, project manager for the Norse Commons construction, gave a tour early Wednesday to show what they have accomplished and plan to add to the building. A project that was originally thought to only cost a million turned into a $3.2 million project. That is even more than the original building cost. So the biggest questions are what it will look like when it’s done and why does it cost so much?

Although the outside remains unchanged the inside of the building will get a complete makeover. The new Norse Commons will include a dining area, a lounge, a game room, and of course several eating establishments, making the entire building more interesting for students. The extra cost is because they are relocating all the stations. They also had to move the pipes as well, which adds to the cost and takes a lot of effort.

Rob Knarr claimed that the project will be finished by its due date.

“It has everything students want,” claimed Knarr.

Norse Commons has been around since 1992, therefore many students went to the Student Union to eat, the hope is that when it’s finished people will start going there again.