Experienced engineer guides construction on Norse Commons

Rob Knarr, in his seventh year as an NKU employee has the optimism, the ability to plan and think on his feet makes him the ideal choice as a manager of large capital construction projects. He is now working as a project manager for the Norse Commons renovation, but even with the short schedule, he still knows exactly what is going to happen and is in control of the situation.

Knarr joined NKU in November of 2006 after working nine years as a project manager/engineer for two design firms.

He has a master’s degree in Business Administration from NKU, a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from UK and a master’s degree in civil engineering from UC.

Knarr knows the difficulty of construction through years of experience; he knows that “there’s always things you got to figure out in the field.” He knows that “drawings are never perfect” and “there’s always going to be conflicts”

During our tour, he also described how “you get this many ideas, but you only get this much budget,” and it really showed some of the difficulties of construction.

As the project manager for the renovation of Norse Commons, he has to make sure that the area is student friendly and comfortable.

Norse Commons was an old-school food court style with the restaurants on the side, but now they want them to be in the middle with the chairs and tables surrounding the establishments.

The planning for the renovation had been going on over the last two to three years and the cost would have been about $1 million. However, plans were changed when a infrastructure problem was noticed. The price of the renovation tripled!

The New Commons will be opening on Aug. 5 in time for the start of school.