NKU basketball camp works to develop local talent at a young age

This week at Bank of Kentucky Center, a group of 40 talented Northern Kentucky girls working on the skills needed to become great basketball players. The NKU individual basketball camp for girl’s grades five-nine is just one of the ways that NKU works to keep northern Kentucky basketball talent right here at home.

Melody Doss, a senior forward for the women’s basketball program, said that the camp helps to give the girls “a look at the program and its goals”.

“If you have a program as successful as this one in women’s athletics it’s a great thing,” Russ Rose, one of the coaches leading the basketball camp, said. “Being around the players will teach them the work ethic required to create a successful basketball program.”

All of the players and coaches say that they see promise in the participants.

“The best thing right now is how much they love it,” Rianna Gayheart, a junior basketball player, said.

Doss reports that the girls have a lot of room to develop and are willing to work hard, listen, and be coachable. This, according to her, is “the most important thing at this age.”

Having NKU in the area definitely helps keep this young talent at home.  Rose says that he hopes that these campers will “one day be wearing NKU gear.”

The players can tell the students all about their want to stay near the area and their want for a good program that greatly helps these girls make the decision to join NKU. Gayheart, an Owenton native, says that she likes that her mom can still come watch her game.  Sarah Kinch, a Cincinnati native, says that she like the fact that she can be close to home.

The camp which helps to develop local talent is one of the best ways that NKU gives back to the community. Gayheart says that the community is “awesome and supportive” and that they do give back. She said that they went to the local school throughout the year and that are always conscious of what they post on social media because they know that a lot of young girls are looking.