NKU women’s basketball players help teach coach young girls

This week in the Girls’ Basketball camp for fourth through ninth graders, not only do the campers learn valuable skills and techniques, but how to work together as a team instead of five different individuals.

“Nobody’s sitting by themselves, there’s nobody that looks like they want to go home,” Russ Rose, one of the coaches for the Girls Basketball Camp, said.

Not only are there professional coaches helping out the girls, but some girls who play Women’s Basketball for NKU are also helping out.

“They’re a little bit shy, they don’t really know what’s going on, they don’t have those relationships formed already…making them feel like they’re comfortable to be there,” Rose said.

They don’t just help sharpen their basketball skills but also bond and connect with the girls.

“I’m getting to know their names better, getting closer with them, just goofing around with them a lot,” Christine Roush, a junior shooting guard on the NKU team, said.

40% of the girls are new to the camp, including Rose and Roush, but the ones that have come before have made them feel welcome and comfortable.

“[I’ve] noticed a lot of improvement with some of the campers we’ve been working with,” Roush said.