Norse Commons Remodeling Brings New Features

Construction for the Norse Commons interior building is still in progress.

They are all preparing for the opening of the new building in early August before the new school year.

Wednesday, the construction workers were patching up drywall, wiring, and continuing to produce what was needed for the building to be open as soon as possible.

The remodeling, which will cost $2.6 million, will include new dining services and a new lounge along with other services offered to the students.

The team started remodeling in March because it was outdated and they wanted a more modern setting for the students at NKU.

One of their main goals was to create a more modern and spacious dining service that has a Starbucks feel.

The dining service will establish a new program called My Pantry which will include students that has specific eating needs.

With the construction of Norse Commons, they’re hoping to not have the Student Union as crowded as it was before.

Rob Knarr, the project manager for Norse Commons, believes that even though it’s an inconvenience for residential students, but it will be worth it in the end. Saying

“It is a temporary pain and a temporary inconvenience, but for a long term value,” Knarr said.

Along with the lounge and dining services, an additional change will include a brand new game room.

Knarr describes it as a fun, new room that the students will enjoy.

The room will have comfortable seating, a big screen T.V, and mascot pictures of the Atlantic Sun tournament along the wall of the room.

Knarr also said that students will also be able to reserve the room for special events.

Knarr hopes that this is a place for students to socialize in a new and modern place.