Outdated Norse cafeteria gets a makeover

On Wednesday, construction progressed on the Norse Commons building.

The renovation of Norse Commons will include a new dining hall, game room, laundry facility, and many more social hang outs.

Rob Knarr, the project manager, and the team of construction workers are working hard to remodel the Norse Commons building by Aug. 5 before the new school year.

The remodeling, which will cost around $2.6 million, is set to open just in time for the new school year. The students living on campus will have a better facility to go to and be social with the other residential students.

An idea for the building is the addition of a game room. “We just want this to be a place where kids can come with a group of friends and just hang out,” said Knarr.

The plan for this game room includes a brand new big screen TV with the Atlantic Sun Conference mascots surrounding it. Like the Student Union, it will be filled with comfortable seating and an overall comfortable feel.

Knarr said his overall goal is building spacious room for the dining hall. He wants to create a “Starbucks feel” to it. His plan was to lessen the noise by moving the food and drinks to an isolated spot of the room.

A new dining program called My Pantry will also be in effect. It provides students that have different eating habits the chance to fulfill them on campus.

Originally renovated in the late 80’s, the need for more modern facilities in Norse Commons was a necessity. With the modern update they no longer have to eat at the crowded Student Union with the other commuters.

Knarr believes that, “It is a temporary inconvenience for about six semesters but the outcome will be worth it.”

Overall, Knarr is hoping that the remodeled Norse Commons center will be a place that students can go to socialize.