People usually use rocket science as a comparison to something that is really difficult, but the kids at aeronautics camp at NKU are learning. Today, they launched soda bottle rockets in the field by their classroom.

The aeronautics camp is for kids in grades 6-10, and lasts for one to two weeks, depending on what the kid wants to do. The main instructor of the camp is Bill Schneider. He said he got involved with the aeronautics camp because he loves to teach kids about new concepts and he has fun with it.

“We started the program based on some successes we had with teaching aviation,” Schneider said. “It’s so much fun to share your passions with anyone, especially these young scientists.”

The kids seem to have fun with it too. They enjoyed launching the bottle rockets and competing to see which one would go the highest. Jacob Stoeckle said that he has learned many new things this week. Jacob also said that, after attending this camp, he wants to enroll in the Air Force.

The camp is not all launching rockets and outdoor activities. The kids are also learning how to map flight plans and “fly” planes using flight simulation software. This seems hard but, according to Jacob it is fairly easy. Today, they were doing a cross country simulation, which they were all working intently and diligently on. According to Jacob, it’s a Microsoft program that is an accurate depiction of a flight. The “pilot” uses a joystick to control the plane.

This camp provides a way for kids to experience flight simulations and the science of aeronautics. Kids, such as Jacob, had never had any experience with aeronautics before this camp, but thanks to Bill Schneider, they now have new career opportunities and interests.