Middle-School Entrepreneurs


Campbell Haynes

Norse Think Tank students working on their blogs.

How old do you have to be to start a business? Apparently, only 10 years old. At NKU, middle school students from ages 10 to 13 are starting businesses. They are doing so at a program called Think Tank, which teaches entrepreneurship to gifted middle school students. The students come up with an idea for a product, figure out how to make the product and set up a blog where they advertise the product. They figure out a price range for the product, and they hope to actually sell the product. The product has to be something that would have a purpose, could be reasonably made, and not overly complicated or expensive. Some of the products are brand new. Some of them are improvements on commonplace items.

One of the students at Think Tank is an 11-year-old boy named Jackson Herrena. Jackson will be attending 6th grade next year at Woodland Middle School. His idea is a trash can that will automatically dispose of waste when it becomes full. His blog advertises this product for people to buy. He has a few ideas for how the trash can will do this, but none of them work completely yet.

Jackson finds camp very fun. His favorite part is making the blog. He has tried to make a blog himself multiple times before, but he never succeeded. He is very excited to have finally made a blog. He loves Think Tank, and will definitely attend it as many times as he can. He thinks it could be better, but he doesn’t quite know how. He says he hasn’t seen anything that could be improved yet, but he is certain there must be room for improvement.

One of the instructors at Think Tank is Karen Lageman, the main blog instructor. Officially, her title states that she is an Elementary Special Education Teacher. Her favorite part is teaching the students how to make their own entrepreneurship blogs. The reason this is her favorite part is that they make the blog entirely on their own. Every blog is different. She loves the creative ideas they have, such as adding music, flashing lights, animations, photos, videos, and many other things.