NKU Aeronautics Camp


Joseph Glandorf

Students launching a bottle rocket at NKU Aeronautics Camp. Photo taken by Joseph Glandorf.

At the NKU Aeronautics camp, middle and high school students learned and practiced the principles and application of aerodynamics and aviation on Wednesday.

Available to students grades six through ten, this camp features simulations and students practice in mathematic equations, and participate in workshops on rocketry. Many students plan on a future career in aeronautics or aviation.

“Yeah, I’ll probably either fly or work on parts [for planes],” Eighth grader Michael Reynolds said.

Students experimented with aerodynamic principles in a bottle rocket workshop. After cutting and attaching their cardboard fins to their bottles, they walked outside and fired them off in order to test their designs.

“Today we’re launching bottle rockets… you fill them up with water, then you fill them up with air. The air has to displace the water, which in turn will lift them off,” said seventh grader Trent Guckiean.

The camp not only teaches theory of aeronautics, but also demonstrates it with hands-on activities and workshops. Tom Edwards, a camp instructor, believes this is a very effective way of teaching.

“Not only does it teach about aviation and science, but also how they all work and how they all work together. And we have to have theory and application for the whole system to work,” Edwards says.