NKU basketball summer camp in full swing


Brendan Hamilton

Assistant coach Courtney Boylan instructs participants during girls basketball camp.

Throughout the week, Northern Kentucky University’s women’s basketball team is hosting a young athlete basketball camp for boys and girls from grades three through twelve. The camp started Monday and will run until this coming Saturday. According to head coach Dawn Plitzuweit, the camp has been running annually almost since the women’s program was installed.

The first four days will focus on the individual skill sets of each young athlete. Friday will be a one-day shooting session and Saturday will be a one-day ball handling session.

Four players on the current women’s roster and one former player, along with head coach Plitzuweit and assistant coaches Karmen Graham, Courtney Boylan, and Lynn Plett, will be mentoring and teaching these students some fundamentals of the game as well as more complex strategies.

Each of the current players, Melody Doss, Kaitlyn Gerrety, Malika Glover and Rianna Gayheart, and former player Tiara Hopper are helping these students grow and flourish as young basketball athletes. The coaches are providing a disciplined yet fun place for these students to take in the learning they need at a young age.

“The biggest thing that I enjoy … is seeing the improvement that they get throughout the camp,” said Doss, a junior at NKU. “Going from Monday to seeing how much better they have gotten until Thursday, that’s a lot of fun to watch.”

Doss also said that participating in this camp has brought the closeness and chemistry of the current women’s team together. Not only does this camp help teach skills to young student-athletes, but it also provides some learning for the college players as well.

“Working together and being together all week, I think that gives us a little boost for working together and communicating, and figuring everything out,” she said. “I think it helps a lot.”

The biggest thing for young players, according to Doss, is just to “have fun with it.”

“If you enjoy something, then you’ll work hard at it,” she said.