Norse Baja club earns 57th place in annual Society of Automotive Engineers competition


Sydney Roll

Nathan Rogers, president of NKU’s SAE club, tests out this year’s model in gravel Lot A on campus.

The NKU Norse Baja club, a chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), placed higher than ever before in the Baja SAE competition. The Norse Baja team earned 57th place out of over 100 teams, moving up from their past 96th and 94th places.

The club, which is a relatively new addition to NKU, includes institutions from all across the country and all around the world. The different chapters of the SAE center on the construction, planning, and knowledge of an off-road vehicle to compete in the Baja SAE competition.

Besides racing and endurance tests, the engineers are required to know anything and everything about the vehicles their team has constructed.

Jamming to Queen, soon to be NKU senior, Nathan Rogers, discussed his presidential role in the Norse Baja club at NKU.

When asked if the vehicles are safe, Rogers said, “It’s safe enough; they only go up to about 30 mph.” Frequent repairs and pit stops during competition tasks are a necessary safety precaution.

With donations from NKU for travel, an engine from Polaris every two years, and money from sponsors and out of pocket, the guys in the club are able to build competition-worthy vehicles.

With the machines whirring and hissing around him, Rogers slowly smiles, saying, “This is what I love.”