Norse Baja team moves up in competition


Nathan Rogers, president of the SAE Baja club, drives hand-built buggy around empty NKU parking lot. Photo by Maggie Pund.

June 6th through 9th at the Mini Baja competition in Rochester, NY, the NKU SAE, also known as Norse Baja, placed 57 out of 100 with their yellow number 58 buggy.

Nathan Rogers, president of the team, is proud of the rank. Last year’s placing was 96 out of 100, and 94 out of 100 the year before that. This rank was achieved through competing in static events where the alone car is judged on design and cost effectiveness, and dynamic events consisting of hill climbs and endurance races.

“Each tire cost $2,200,” Rogers said.

Norse Baja had to get sponsors to give money to support the project. Sponsors ranged from a man’s trash business, a garage in Burlington, Ky., and a team member’s mom who gives $100 annually.

The car is made up of a roll-cage, an engine provided free of charge, other various parts, and mud.

“With all the mud, you couldn’t tell what color the paint was,” Rogers said.

The registration number on the car had to be 3D or else a flat number would be hidden by the mud.

This is Norse Baja’s fourth year together.