Norse Think Tank explores students’ creativity to create business websites


Erin Mullins

Karen Lageman and NKU junior, Jane Kreutzer helped a Norse Think Tank student with their business website.

Gifted middle school students attending the Norse Think Tank are busy at work this week creating websites to start their own businesses.

From 9:00-11:30 a.m., these kids are taking part in a program that emphasizes business creation, interdisciplinary studies, science, entrepreneurship, engineering, and visual and performing arts. Throughout the camp, the kids continue to have fun as they keep their noses to the computer monitors and focus on creating promotion websites for their individual businesses.

Seventh grader Amisha said she is going to start a babysitting service as her business.

“After school, I can babysit the kids in my neighborhood,” Amisha said.

Some students like Marc, an eighth grader, are unsure what they’re going to do just yet.

When describing the program, NKU student-teacher aide Jane Kreutzer said “I think a lot of [the children] are shocking themselves with how creative they are.”