John Gibson


Job Title: Lecturer/Producer

Program: Electronic Media and Broadcasting

Area of Expertise: Video production and storytelling

Bio: Hello! I’m John, John Gibson, or “Gibson” as I’m sometimes referred to by students, maybe because “John” is hard to pronounce. I’ve been at NKU since August 2008 and live in Bellevue with my wife and two kiddos.

I was a history major in college, but found my passion on the side with producing media. After a few years in television and video production, as well as working at an NPR member station hosting late night radios hows, I found my calling as a college educator. I’m a writer and filmmaker at heart, with my first feature film, a western-horror titled “Revelation Trail,” distributed across North America, a KET documentary, and a few other works.

At NKU, in addition to teaching foundational courses in filmmaking, I also teach an advanced news production course, where students produce content for The Northerner.

I’m always on a mission to tell cool new stories, develop new projects, learn new production techniques and find toys to add to my Star Wars collection. One of these things takes highest priority over all others…


Favorite Social Media: I had a comment about social media, then realized I sounded like cynical grumpy person. Ha. Sooooo…I’ll stick with app: I LOVE Photoshop Express on my phone, which I use to do all my editing of photos I take. Also, a big fan of cloud storage apps in general (Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox).  

Dream Job: I pretty much love what I do now. But, other options would include being a regularly funded film director/writer (I am one of these now…just not the funded part), or Corellian smuggler/captain.

An Interesting Fact: I love making stop motion movies with my kids. Seriously…this is the absolute joy in my life.